Tony Gavin

Master of the Dark Arts of Tech

Erstwhile accountant, serial entrepreneur, web developer, digital marketing veteran and lover of all things marketing automation and artificial intelligence. Tony hates almost everyone except for pathetic nerd boys and geek gals just like him, but loves his computer, and enjoys ranting incoherently into cyberspace. He also loves dark German beers, his four poodles Weasley, Khaleesi, Rebel and Lumpy – and his infinitely patient lady love, Mitzi. When he’s not flitting between his home in Manila, Philippines and his family and clients in Australia and elsewhere, Tony occasionally takes the time to do some actual work, and comes up with totally intelligent marketing ideas that! You should contact Tony if your marketing sucks, or even if it doesn’t. Chances are he’ll want to make it better. Just because he can.

Mitzi Cruz

Mistress of the White Magic of Design

All Mitzi wanted as a child was to be an artist. She loved to paint and draw, and absolutely adored her art teacher, Ms. Decena. However, she was compelled to pursue a more “practical” career and ended up teaching and managing a small school. Fast forward several years and Mitzi somehow ended up in a web development company. The first time she opened Photoshop to design a button, she was hooked. She was a child again playing with shapes and colours. She’s still that child and likes Post-its, pens, and markers. She enjoys color-coding stuff and marking her calendar. She’s addicted to Spotify. Mitzi loves karaoke, chocolate, coffee, beer, wine, muscle cars, dogs, horses, cats, birds, dogs, and cats. Oh, and Celine Dion. We still like her anyway.