Marketing Automation

What this is

Marketing automation is web-based software that is designed to automate repetitive marketing tasks. At its best, it removes human emotion and error from the marketing process and takes prospects on a pre-defined journey towards becoming customers.

Why you need it

If your business sells high value products or services with an extended sales cycle and/or your average customer has a high lifetime value, you should consider using an integrated CRM and marketing automation platform to improve nurturing, conversions and customer retention.

What you get

Advice on the right type of CRM and marketing automation platform for your business, together with installation, integration, configuration, technical setup and training on how to use the platform to best effect in your business, plus ongoing support.

Desired outcomes

Select and implement the right CRM and marketing automation platform for your business, then learn how to get the best from the system in order to automate repetitive marketing tasks that nurture prospects into customers and turn customers into raving fans.

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